9.3kW Solar Panel Installation in Nanaimo BC

This customer was looking for a safe, long-term investment as well as a way to offset the energy costs associated with a growing family. He contacted Shift in early 2018  and soon after decided to go with a 9.3kW system that would provide him with a 72 per cent energy offset.

Being a busy father and husband, it was important to this customer to go with a company that would provide a turn-key installation, and he says he was more than happy with how Shift handled the process. From the initial quote and design of the system, to sourcing materials, dealing with all permitting—as well as Net Metering registration—to the final installation, Shift took care of everything which allowed this family to carry on with their daily lives without interruption.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 72%
Number of Panels: 26
Size: 9.3kW
Annual Production: 10,908kWh
rooftop solar panel installation Nanaimo BC