Thinking of going solar?

Benefits that Shift can offer to your business.

1. High Return on Investment
Experience a compelling return on investment (ROI) of over 400% with our cutting-edge solar PV solutions. Our innovative solar PV installations consistently deliver substantial financial benefits, often achieving a simple payback period of 10 years or less.
2. Guaranteed Energy Production
We're so confident in the solar energy systems we design that we guarantee the energy production from them for 25 years!
3. Operate Your Business Uninterrupted
Ensure your operations run uninterrupted when the grid is down by powering your business using solar and storing that energy using Tesla Energy Storage products.
4. Incentives and Rebates
Use our expertise to maximize what you're eligible for.

We make it easier than ever to use less electricity.

Shift Energy Group is partnering with businesses across Canada looking to save money and operate more sustainably. We streamline the process of design and installation, managing everything from conception to commissioning and everything in between. Each one of our projects is designed to the specific requirements of your business. Our components are sourced from globally recognized brands and each install is completed with the utmost attention to detail.

Let’s make your business more valuable.

Investing in the efficiency of your operations provides great opportunities to promote your organization and win over more customers. By investing in efficiency and alternative energy solutions, your company can enhance its reputation and create an environmentally responsible image that shows your customers your business is committed to contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future through better business practices.

Recently Completed Projects

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