Thinking of going solar?

Everyone deserves access to clean, affordable energy. Through trust, collaboration and solar panel technical innovation, we can protect our planet for generations to come.

Saving you money while saving the environment

Enjoy life without costly electricity bills and earn a strong ROI with a high-quality solar panel power system.

Increasing profit margins through conscious change

Lower operating costs and increase corporate value while contributing to a healthier tomorrow.

Reduce costs while improving your community

Meet sustainability goals while stimulating the local economy with clean energy solutions.

Since 2010, Shift Energy Group has helped clients save enough energy to power 3,273
homes annually.
This equates to millions of dollars in recurring savings.
Recent Projects
12kW solar system in North Vancouver
Installed in the fall of 2017, this project was designed, installed and commissioned for a home in North Vancouver....
9.6kW Solar Panel Installation on Port Alberni Home
Recently retired, our clients were looking to lower their monthly expenses. We designed a 32 panel, 9.6kW solar system...
LED Lighting Upgrade For Franklin Forest Products
Franklin Forest Products (FFP) is a wood processing company located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in BC,...
8.04kW Solar Installation in Chilliwack BC
Installed in the fall of 2018, this project was designed, installed and commissioned for a home in Chilliwack BC....
5.5kW Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation in Nanaimo BC
After using a small solar panel to power his chicken coop, this homeowner decided he wanted to go bigger...
LED Lighting Upgrade For Slegg Building Materials
Slegg Building Materials is Vancouver Island’s most complete building supply company with 12 locations across the Island. Slegg commissioned...

New government grant available! Receive up to $5,000 from the Canadian federal government for going solar.  Request your personalized quote today.