Thinking of going solar?

How does solar work?

1. Solar Panels
The Sun provides a renewable source of clean, free energy
2. Inverters
Converts the solar energy from DC into AC, energy to power your business
3. Electric Meter
Measures your electricity usage and excess electricity generation, reducing your electric bill and earning you credits.
4. System Monitoring
Our systems are equipped with lifetime system monitoring, granting you access to the real-time status of your energy from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.

How can solar benefit my business?

Rising Electric Rates
Use the clean, free energy from the sun to produce your own electricity and have peace of mind that your business will never be exposed to rising utility costs again.
Seize your energy independence.
Maintenance-free energy
Solar PV panels produce clean energy without the use of moving parts - no noise, no gearboxes, no belt drives, no turbines - making them virtually maintenance free.
Government Rebates & Tax Credits
Your business is eligible for a variety of incentives that can significantly offset your overall system costs, leaving you with more money to re-invest into your growing business.
Contribute to a cleaner future
Energy security
Become energy independent by reducing your reliance on the grid so your business is less likely to experience blackouts and your operations can remain uninterrupted.
Green business
Improve your reputation and generate more positive responses from environmentally responsible customers by showcasing your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions and support green business.

Why our customers choose Shift.

Gains in efficiency lead to increased profitability.
Clients today value social responsibility more than ever. Allow our professional staff to illustrate how we can make financially viable for your organization.
Guaranteed Energy Savings
Enjoy peace of mind and energy savings knowing that your system will perform as we say it will, or we cover the difference.
Aesthetic Installations.
We have a variety of product options, and an exceptional installation crew that integrate solar into your business seamlessly and beautifully.
1000+ Installations.
Our in-building installation crews have installed over 1000 solar panel systems across Canada and we’re just getting started.
10+ Years in Business.
We’ve been serving clients with their energy needs for over 10 years. If you have a problem or questions now or in the future, we’ll be around to answer them.
Product Selection.
We only outfit our installations with the best in industry equipment. All of the products we install are from top brands in solar and are warrantied.
Warranty on Parts and Labour.
We stand by our products and our workmanship. If there’s any problem during or after your installation, we’ll take care of you.
Competitive Pricing.
If you can get assurance that your products and workmanship are warrantied, your energy savings are guaranteed, your vendor is one of the top-rated in the country, all at a great price, why would you work with anyone else?

Are solar panels right for your business?

We have found that the best candidates for commercial solar panel systems and energy storage include organizations that:

  • Manage a portfolio of locations with large service area, good quality rooftops, or have available land close to the facility
  • Take pride in and prioritize offsetting energy consumption at the local level
  • See solar as a positive marketing opportunity
  • Want to save money on operating costs
  • Have a commitment to achieving sustainability objectives
  • Have large energy load requirements

Solar for Real Estate Developers

For real estate developers, solar can help move projects through the development permitting process quicker by showing your commitment to sustainability. Solar also offers an exceptional marketing opportunity that can help developments sell faster and gain more attention.

For purpose-built multi-unit rental buildings, the capitalization value on the common area savings now far outweighs the project cost, immediately adding value to your project.

We work with real estate developers end to end by consulting on best product solutions for your developments, system design and project installation.

Solar panels are ideal for:

Agriculture based businesses
Auto dealers
Hotels & Resorts
Food production facilities
Manufacturing facilities
Large retail stores

Commercial Solar Success Stories

See some of our past work. We work with businesses and real estate developers to assess, design and deliver solar energy projects. Feel free to browse via the map below. You can hover on any of the plotted locations, and click in to view each projects full details including cost-saving stats.

What do Clients say about working with Shift?

We chose shift because we had read great reviews from other clients in Victoria where we were working at the time. Our purchase process went very smoothly and Tim was great at answering all our questions and making himself available all the time. Material delivery and installation was very smooth and efficient 2 days 34 panels were installed and up and running.I would recommend reaching out to Shift for their recommendations with your personalized assessment. We have reached our one year anniversary with the solar and a very happy with the out come and the decisions we made. Highly recommend Shift for your Solar requirements.

– Roxy H.

The entire Shift team was easy to work with throughout the sales process, during the installation and after the work was complete. I would highly recommend speaking to them if you are looking at solar for your home or business.

– Brett M.

From the moment we contacted the company for proposing a solar system and Tesla backups and the estimate for various options we were considering to the installation and the final follow-ups, one cannot think of getting better than we have. Every single person who worked on our system was highly professional, meticulous, and focused on providing us with the best of service and product. We would recommend Shift Energy to anyone.

– Wolff R.

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