Thinking of going solar?
Why include solar in your builds?
Meet Consumer Demand
Consumers are more energy conscious than ever before.
Improve Marketability
Stand out from other builders with a unique, energy-efficient offering.
Sell More Homes
Adding solar can help you sell more custom home contracts or spec home builds.
Increased Profits
Research has shown that homes that have solar sell for more than homes that do not.
Achieve Net Zero
Show environmental stewardship by building homes that are Net Zero or close to it.

What are the benefits to the homeowner?

Pay Less For Energy
Decrease your energy bill and when you generate more power than you use, your utility allows you to earn credits through their Net Metering Program.
Grid Independence
Pair solar with battery storage to achieve independent backup power.
Energy Security
Installing solar will protect you from future rate yikes.
Upfront Cost Savings
Homeowners can roll the cost of the system into their mortgage.
Increase Resale Value
Homeowners can have peace of mind that homes with solar tend to sell for more.

Why choose Shift as your solar partner?

We employ a diverse in-house team of experienced solar professionals. Our team consists of trained solar designers, certified NABCEP solar professionals, professional engineers, licensed electricians, and expert install crews. With 95+ 5 star reviews and over 1000 projects completed, Shift is one of Canada's highest-rated solar contractor.
When we are on your job site, we are representing not only ourselves but your brand as well. At Shift, we take safety on the job site very seriously. All of our installation crews have been through safety training and we meet and exceed all WCB best practices.
Peace of Mind
Commercial-grade projects can often be complex and require a level of expertise that few solar contractors have. At Shift, we pride ourselves in considering every detail of each unique project, end-to-end. We catch things that others miss and consider things that others do not.
Turn-key Solutions
We take care of all aspects of the solar project, making solar a simple integration into your builds. From site feasibility, system design, permit applications, installations, and commissioning. Our experts work closely with your team, we speak your language and handle all the work.

Services Provided to Home Builders

  • Complete turnkey solar installations
  • Solar design and project feasability
  • Permit and regulatory management
  • Pre and post-install project support
  • Tesla PowerWall and other energy storage solutions
What do Clients say about working with Shift?

We chose shift because we had read great reviews from other clients in Victoria where we were working at the time. Our purchase process went very smoothly and Tim was great at answering all our questions and making himself available all the time. Material delivery and installation was very smooth and efficient 2 days 34 panels were installed and up and running.I would recommend reaching out to Shift for their recommendations with your personalized assessment. We have reached our one year anniversary with the solar and a very happy with the out come and the decisions we made. Highly recommend Shift for your Solar requirements.

– Roxy H.

The entire Shift team was easy to work with throughout the sales process, during the installation and after the work was complete. I would highly recommend speaking to them if you are looking at solar for your home or business.

– Brett M.

From the moment we contacted the company for proposing a solar system and Tesla backups and the estimate for various options we were considering to the installation and the final follow-ups, one cannot think of getting better than we have. Every single person who worked on our system was highly professional, meticulous, and focused on providing us with the best of service and product. We would recommend Shift Energy to anyone.

– Wolff R.

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