Government Rebates & Incentives

Listed are the incentives currently available in British Columbia for government looking to utilize clean technology.

Green Municipal Fund

Drive cost saving energy efficiency and renewable energy in your community with support from GMF’s initiatives.

Solar Net-Metering & BC Hydro

Receive a credit when you generate more electricity than you consume.

BC Hydro Large organizations

Strategic energy management is a long-term approach to energy efficiency, setting out a plan to manage your energy use with the goal of achieving long-term savings.

BC Hydro Small / Medium organizations

Upgrade your lighting energy equipment and receive funding through energy-saving incentives and shorten the payback period of your upfront investment.

Fortis BC Incentives

Apply for energy saving incentives for EV charging stations, commercial lighting and other energy saving solutions.

BC PST Tax Exemption

Receive a provincial sales tax exemption on your renewable energy equipment.

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