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Introducing Our Solar Upcycling Program: Empowering Local Agriculture with Renewed Energy

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Solar  Program, a collaborative initiative between Shift and the South Vancouver Island Farmers Institute. When solar panels aren’t reaching their full potential but still have plenty of life left, we’re donating them to local farmers across Vancouver Island!

Through our partnership with the South Vancouver Island Farmers Institute, we are donating these underperforming solar panels to farmers across the region. These panels, while no longer suitable for mainstream energy generation, still possess plenty of life and capacity to contribute meaningfully to agricultural operations. For example, a 500W panel may only produce 300W, which no longer works for our installations due to our production guarantee; however, that 300W production could be very valuable to a farmer with an off-grid building!

From powering irrigation systems to enhancing greenhouse operations, these repurposed solar panels are proving to be invaluable assets for local farmers. By harnessing the sun’s energy, farmers can reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, lower operating costs, and cultivate more sustainable farming practices. By giving a second life to retired solar panels, we are not only diverting waste from landfills but also fostering a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector. We couldn’t be happier!


shift energy group president giving donation

IWOF Donation

Pictured here is Colyn Strong, President of Shift, handing our first donation to Johann Van Rensburg, President of IWOF. Shift donates $100 from every project we install in support of IWOF and we encourage our clients to match the donation, if they are interested in doing so.

IWOF is a Grace Orphanage, a home for orphaned children in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa currently houses 35 children providing shelter, clothing, food, health care and education.

With the help of International Widows & Orphans Fund (IWOF), 2 acres of land were purchased and construction of permanent facilities to house 60 orphans has been ongoing. The land is now fences and will also have a farm to grow their own food and harvest solar energy.

If you’ve engaged us in your journey going solar in the past, your support to us is being passed on to them as a part of bi-annual instalments as we support their journey. We are thrilled to be part of such an important initiative and look forward to encouraging and providing further support through our day to day interactions with clients devoted to making a difference.

Follow the project by checking out the below:

Nanaimo Foodshare Society Donation

The Nanaimo Foodshare Society is a local non-profit organization on Vancouver Island. They had previously installed solar panels on their building to help with energy costs from a different solar installation vendor. In January 2018, thieves stole 4 of the Foodshare’s solar panels right off their roof. After hearing about the theft, Shift stepped up and donated new solar panels to get them up and running again. We are happy to say that the Foodshare society continues to produce cleaner power using solar energy thanks to the support of a number of local businesses.

You can see the solar panels power generation in action at:

Minor Hockey Sponsorship

Shift Energy Group has committed sponsorship funds to a number of Nanaimo Minor Hockey Association teams, as well as the Saanich Junior Braves in an effort to contribute to the development of young hockey players around the island!

Shift is thrilled to actively engage with and provide support to Pickleball BC and Pickleball Nova Scotia. The connection between Pickleball players and solar enthusiasts is undeniable, and it’s no surprise considering that both solar and Pickleball are among the rapidly expanding industries in Canada. The collaboration between these two sectors is a natural fit.

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