Now installing in Western Canada & Nova Scotia.

Who is by Shift for?

Interested in going solar, but your roof needs replacing to qualify for a traditional solar installation? by Shift is the perfect solution for going solar and installing a new roof at the same time.
Integrated solar metal roofing is the perfect match for forward-thinking homebuilders. Sell more homes by integrating boundary-pushing solar technology in your builds.

How does by Shift work? by Shift solar power metal roofing product is a 2-in-1 metal roofing product that integrates solar modules into metal roofing materials.
All necessary solar components are integrated right into the solar roof panels, eliminating the need to install any potentially obtrusive traditional types of solar panels.
The installation process is similar to installing a standard metal roof, with the addition of the electrical components being tied into your building’s electric panel.
This allows you to produce power, use that power, and send any excess power right back to the grid where your bill is automatically credited via net metering.
Go Solar, in a revolutionary way
Roofit.Solar by Shift looks like a sleek black metal roof, but it’s quite far from ordinary. The 2-in-1 design integrates high output solar cells, with a lifetime grade roofing material. You can now have a roof that looks amazing and produces its own power. Power that can fully, or partially, offset your energy bills, saving you money, reducing grid dependence, and helping your community produce cleaner energy.
Product Specs
Cells 3×12 160W
Junction boxes Decentralized
Three bypass diodes
Protection class IP67
PV4 connections
Effective roof coverage 1658 mm x 550 mm
Mounting method Double seam technology
Weight 13.5 kg
Front glass 3.2 mm tempted low-iron glass
Back sheet 0.5 mm metal sheet with highly durable Pural coating
Impact resistance d=35 mm hailstone 46 m/s = 165.5 km/h
Minimum roof slope 10 degrees
Minimum ventilation below 50 mm

Benefits of integrated solar metal roofing

Can offer savings compared to the costs of a traditional metal roof and solar array.
Pays for itself
Recoup your investment, and then some! What other roof will actually pay for itself over time?
Reduce energy bills
Lowers or eliminates your monthly energy bills, reducing your reliance on the grid.
Designed to offer better longevity and durability than a standard metal roof.
25 Year Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with a 10 year warranty on material and 25 warranty on power output.
It’s Beautiful
The sleek design offers the beauty of a metal roof without the large panels of a standard solar installation.
Solar Roofing FAQ
How is this different from Tesla solar roof shingles? by Shift is now available in Canada, providing an excellent alternative to Tesla Tiles, which are not currently offered in the country. Our product offers several advantages, including a larger size that enables faster and more cost-effective installations. Additionally, by Shift combines two proven technologies: a durable, lifetime-grade metal roof product and a conventional solar panel. With a successful track record of installations in European markets, is readily available and ready to meet the solar needs of Canadian customers.
Can by Shift be installed on existing homes?
Yes. We can install our solar roof on new and existing homes.
Is by Shift available to purchase?
We have started installing in the markets we currently serve.
How much does a solar metal roof cost?
There are many factors that will affect your individual pricing, so please request a quote for customized pricing. On average, we're looking at approximately $65 sq/ft for the solar integrated panels and around $20 sq/ft for any non-solar integrated metal roof components. Pricing is comparable to installing a high-quality metal roof and a traditional solar array.
Is it available in different colors?
No. We only install black solar roofs, and they look amazing!
Interested in integrated solar roofing?
Reach out to our solar experts today to find out more.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a one-off integrated solar roof installation or a commercial organization looking for more product information, reach out today and our solar experts will help with any questions you may have.