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Colyn Strong

Founder, President

Colyn Strong, founder of Shift and company President, is the man at the helm. His vision, leadership and strategy continue to guide our corporate growth. Colyn is always looking for new and innovative ways for Shift to evolve.

Prior to launching Shift over 10 years ago, Colyn was a real estate and finance professional specializing in the management Commercial and Institutional assets. It was through this work that he saw first hand the value of energy efficiency and sustainability, and thus Shift was born.

Colyn’s inspiration and motivation comes from a drive to do all things better. He sees a planet where his three children and their generation thrive in a more sustainable world. In 2018 he cultivated a relationship with the President of IWOF (International Widows and Orphans Fund). His goal was to support their vision and provide energy to their Grace Orphanage. Shift now donates $100 per solar installation to this charitable foundation. Colyn and his wife Nicole look forward to expanding this vision and to one day provide reliable energy to entire third world communities.

Richard Lindquist

Vice President, Operations

Richard Lindquist—Vice President, Operations—oversees all aspects of business here at Shift, from field operations and internal processes and functions, to project procurement management and employee administration.

Richard is a certified Red Seal Electrician and FSR B with a B.A. in economics from the University of Victoria who has been with Shift for the past three years. Before becoming an electrician, Richard was a business owner running a commercial distribution company where he started as a business analyst and eventually worked his way into an ownership role.

In his spare time, Richard can be found outside entertaining his two children while enjoying activities such as hiking, exploring local beaches, and mountain biking.

Richard believes strongly in renewable energy and its long-term benefit to the environment. He is always seeking to be and do better, both for Shift and for the planet. He feels that right now it’s more important than ever to make changes in business that contribute to a better future for both people and the environment.

Tim Grandjean

Director, Project Development

Tim Grandjean plays a dual role here at Shift, as he is both Project Designer and Solar Consultant.

An Energy Management and Systems Technology Technician graduate from Holland University, Tim has an extensive background in renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency and conservation.

In his time with Shift, Tim has designed some impressive solar systems, including a 50kW array, with battery backup, for a school in the remote village of Masset on Haida Gwaii. Haida Gwaii is a non-integrated area for BC Hydro and much of the electricity on the island is provided via large diesel generators. Going solar not only meant offsetting high BC Hydro costs, but also reducing the school’s reliance on high GHG emitting diesel power production.

In his spare time, Tim loves cooking (especially curries and stir fries), going to the gym, and generally keeping active.

Tim believes in expanding the deployment of renewables and is excited to continue the work of previous generations when it comes to making an impact on the health and well-being of the environment.

Steve Unger

Sr. Project Engineer, P.Eng

Matt Campbell

Solar Consultant - British Columbia

Matt Campbell, Solar Consultant, works closely with potential customers to help them realize the ideal solar system they envision for their home.

Matt is a Certified Energy Advisor who brought that talent and know-how to the Shift team in the spring of 2020. Prior to that he spent ten years managing the sales team of a Victoria BC residential energy retrofit company.

Matt has always had a passion for residential energy efficiency. Over the last 15 years Matt is proud to have helped over 3,500 homeowners across Vancouver Island achieve more energy efficient homes through his recommendations and education.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys camping several times a year with his wife and two kids, running, playing tennis and gardening.

Matt is truly motivated by the growth of the solar industry. He is very focussed on listening to the wants and needs of customers and providing them with all the information they require to make an informed solar purchase.

Paul Blasingame

Senior Project Designer

Our Project Designer, Paul Blasingame, works behind the scenes to design the solar systems Shift installs for its customers.

Paul brought his talents as a Mechanical Engineer to Shift in early 2020, having spent the previous four years gaining knowledge and know-how through a wide variety of engineering projects.

Paul received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Victoria, where, among other projects, he participated in the design and creation of prosthetic braces for children with clubfoot. The main purpose of this project was to decrease the cost of the prostheses and thus remove barriers of access for families living in developing countries.

In his spare time, Paul plays basketball and soccer and is an avid hiker who takes advantage of the many trails in the Victoria BC area.

Paul’s attention to detail translates into designing the best and most efficient solar system for each individual customer, allowing them to reap the benefits of maximum energy production at an affordable investment price.

William Zouzouras

Marketing Manager

Will Zouzouras, Marketing Manager, manages all aspects of digital marketing for Shift, including the generation of inbound and outbound leads, managing all pay-per-click marketing campaigns, and overseeing search engine optimization and outbound demand generation.

A graduate of Vancouver Island University with a B.A. in Finance Will has always had a passion for digital marketing and as such has been involved with internet business and online marketing since the early days of 2010. In 2017 he brought his extensive knowledge and know-how to Shift.

In his spare time he can be found lifting weights at the gym or playing pool at James Street Billiards in Nanaimo.

Will is inspired by the power and borderless reach of the internet and how it can be leveraged to create meaningful change in people’s economic futures and the overall well-being of the planet.

Melissa Marcinek

Contract Controller

As the Contract Controller for Shift, Melissa Marcinek oversees all of the high-level accounting and offers a strong set of financially related managerial skills to the company’s evolving environment.

Melissa came on board with Shift in 2018. She is a CPA, CA chartered accountant with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Victoria. For the past 10 years Melissa has worked in senior management for a Vancouver based natural resource company. Through this position she has garnered a wealth of knowledge and honed her expertise.

In her spare time, Melissa can be found enjoying a myriad of water activities with her family at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island.

Melissa believes in helping companies achieve a high level of efficiency that promotes steady growth through appropriate analysis, good judgement and effective communication.

Niki Chapman

Accounts Payable

Niki Chapman, Accounts Payable, provides financial, administrative, and clerical support through the timely processing of all payments to creditors and performing other day-to-day financial transactions.

Niki has been with the company for the past three years. Prior to that she spent 10 years in an Accounts Payable role with a Victoria based distributor of green cleaning supplies and equipment.

In between the years she has spent in a bookkeeping role, Niki attended the University of Victoria in order to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has explored many artistic mediums over the years, but being an avid hiker, photography has been the one that draws her attention time and time again.

Niki is inspired by those who have a deep respect for nature and who challenge themselves through the exploration of the great outdoors. She believes in the importance of renewable energy and is proud be part of a company that cares about the environment and who actively works to motivate others to do the same.

Daniel Strong

Project Superintendant

Dan Strong—Project Superintendent—oversees the quality of each solar system installed by both our Mid and South Vancouver Island crews. He can also be found training new field employees and lending his installation time and expertise when needed.

Dan brings years of construction industry knowledge to his position, having spent most of his working life in residential construction. In addition, he spent three years as part of the construction department crew for the popular show American Gods where he used a CNC machine to create statues and other movie set magic.

In his spare time, Dan can be found spending quality time with his daughter, fishing the waters of Barclay Sound, or, in the winter months, snowboarding the slopes of Mt. Washington.

Dan is inspired by the growth of the solar industry and excited to be working for a company that is leading the way when it comes to solar installations in Western Canada.

Jacob Wozny

Lead Electrician

Jacob Wozny—Lead Electrician—works with our Mid Vancouver Island crew to install solar systems to customers from Campbell River to Ladysmith.

Jacob is a certified Red Seal Electrician and FSR B. He brings a host of experience to Shift Energy Group having worked for a number of years in corrosion services in Alberta, then as a maintenance electrician for the Nanaimo school district, and before coming on board with Shift in 2020, he launched his own business.

In his spare time, Jacob can be found spending time with his family hiking and cycling the many trails located around Nanaimo.

Jacob is settling into the West Coast lifestyle and enjoys the opportunity that Shift provides to travel the province and see its many diverse locations. He is excited to work for a company that offers its customers alternative and sustainable energy options, including a growing number of off-grid projects.

Terry Hamalainen

Installation coordinator

Mica Strong

Solar Consultant - British Columbia

Mica engages with homeowners to determine an ideal renewable energy solution, specific to their home and environment.

Mica studied computer science and executive leadership and spent over twenty years working in a senior role, in the Information Technology sector. When he felt it was time to make a change, Mica’s love for renewable energy and the natural environment, along with his technical skills and customer service experience, led seamlessly into the role of Solar Consultant.

Mica is proud to be working on an energetic, dynamic and cohesive team, with a unified purpose to drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions across BC and ultimately, across Canada and beyond.
Away from work, Mica enjoys playing guitar, hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Charlotte Sinclair

Project coordinator

Prior to joining Shift, Charlotte gained experience in project coordination working for the University of Victoria. Her time there was spent working on the Global Child Rights Dialogue project helping gather and organize research results from almost 2,000 children from 52 sites in 35 countries. She has also gained experience in restaurant and retail management and worked for 5 years in Edmonton as a Corrective Exercise Specialist before making the move out West.

Her educational achievements include obtaining a degree in Health and Community Services from the University of Victoria in 2020 and a Diploma in Fitness Training from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2011. Shortly after graduating, she obtained professional certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP).

Charlotte is passionate about providing excellent customer service while supporting the renewable energy sector. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her family and pup Roni, swimming, gardening, cooking, and crafting cocktails. Having traveled to 18 countries exploring other cultures has made her excited to help serve marginalized populations and build meaningful partnerships between Shift and other community organizations.

Gabi Cote

Office Coordinator

Gabi Joined the Shift team in summer 2021. Prior to joining Shift Gabi had worked In customer service for 6 years including a bakery. Here at shift she works closely with clients to help them with their needs such as Permits and Net metering applications, as well as communicating with clients making sure they are satisfied, since joining shift she has learned a lot about the renewable energy world and is excited to see solar in many more communities.

In her spare time she enjoys taking her puppy for walks and finding new places on the island along with that she enjoys relaxing at home baking and trying new recipes.

Quinton Holmes

Project Designer, EIT

Shift welcomed Quinton to our expanding team in the summer of 2021. His educational achievements include obtaining a Diploma from the Camosun College of Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology in the Department of Renewable Energy and an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Victoria in Electrical Engineering. His academic career sparked an interest to gain employment in the field of renewable energy systems and solar design.

Prior to joining Shift, Quinton gained valuable skills working for a company that does LED controls and lighting for the film industry. We jumped on the opportunity to hire him as his education and previous work experience line up perfectly with his role of solar system and LED lighting design. In his spare time, he can be found playing basketball, soccer and enjoying the local golf courses in Victoria. His height has proved helpful for us in the office hanging lights and reaching supplies although some may argue that he has an unfair advantage during our breaks playing mini basketball.

Silas Strong

Project designer

Muhammad Haseeb

Junior project engineer

Barney Walker

Solar Installer

Barney Walker—Solar Installer—works with our South Vancouver Island crew to install solar systems for customers from Ladysmith to the tip of the Saanich Peninsula.

Barney has spent 20-plus years in the construction industry and has been involved in hundreds of residential projects across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Prior to coming on board with Shift in early 2020, Barney owned and operated a gutter and soffit installation company that served South Vancouver Island residents.

In his spare time, Barney can be found in his woodworking shop carving and creating functional art. He also enjoys the occasional round of disc golf at one of the many courses here on the island.

Barney is excited to find himself on the ground floor of an industry that will likely become the norm in terms of alternative energy here in Canada.

Dustin Storozuk


Dustin Storozuk—Lead Electrician with our South Vancouver Island crew—ensures that all electrical aspects of a customer’s solar panel installation are done to code and in a safe, professional manner.

Dustin is a certified Red Seal Electrician. Before coming to work for Shift, he worked on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects in Regina, including the electrical aspect of the construction of nine Brown’s Social Houses in Central Western Canada.

In his spare time, Dustin enjoys keeping active by participating in a variety of sports, hiking, and spending time near the water.

Working at Shift has provided Dustin the opportunity to work in a constantly changing environment as each project has its own challenges and locations change on a daily basis. Being born and raised in Regina, the opportunity to explore Vancouver Island has been an unexpected and pleasant side effect of his employment.

Andrew Leduc

Crew Electrician

Brendan Ross

Electrical Apprentice

Manny Mansaray

Electrical Apprentice

Miller Fernandez

Electrical Apprentice

Shae Verral

Junior Solar Technician

Shae Verral is a Junior Solar Technician working with our Mid Vancouver Island crew to install solar systems for customers from Campbell River to Ladysmith.

Shae is currently working toward his certification as a Red Seal Electrician through Vancouver Island University. Shae has worked primarily on residential electrical projects, so he was excited to come on board with Shift in 2020 and gain experience with the installation of renewable energy products.

In his spare time, Shae can be found participating in a wide variety of sports activities such as basketball, swimming, and baseball. Throughout his high school career he played for the Parksville Royals.

Shae is inspired to work for a company that is focused on quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. He loves to see customers happy once their solar system has been installed.

Eduardo German

Procurement Manager

Sam Prabhune

AR/AP Clerk

Miel Gutierrez

Project Coordinator

Matthew Statton

Solar Consultant - Nova Scotia

Mario Cespede Vega

Solar Installer

Sean Morris

Crew Electrician

Chris Palliser

National Marketing Specialist

After 20 years of being a broadcaster in radio and television, I decided to take my perspective/skills and apply them to the renewable energy sector. I am so excited to be on the Shift team, as we all share a love of solar and a belief it’s the way to a greener planet. I am a fun, honest and positive hard worker who never says no. I strongly believe that my ability to connect with people in person, is the key to success. It’s all about creating a personal genuine relationship. I’m an enthusiastic guy naturally and Solar is easy to get excited about, so let’s chat!

Outside of the office I am a proud husband and father to two beautiful daughters. In my spare time I love to be active with my family and that in includes Tennis and Spikeball! I try not to take life too seriously and refill my batteries off of fun face to face conversation. I have also been a volunteer Big Brother for 13 years and counting! Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to reach out!


Scott Sarty

Solar Installer - Nova Scotia

Kevin Hart

Crew Electrician - Nova Scotia

Brett Lumley

Crew Electrician

Kiefer Dickey

Crew Electrician

Dylan Barrett

Crew Electrician

Sean Moore

Solar Installer

Owen Derkach

Electrical Apprentice

Matthew Gemino

Electrical Apprentice

Cameron Everatt

Electrical Apprentice

Darcy Hardess

Crew Electrician

Corey Douglas

Warehouse Coordinator

Cherie Lee

Solar Consultant - British Columbia

Aaron Chalifoux

Crew Electrician


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