7.59kW Solar Panel Installation in Delta BC

This 7.59kW solar system was installed in 2018 for a family located in Delta BC. These customers were looking to offset their energy costs by approximately 50 per cent, and Shift delivered on that requirement. We installed 22 panels and provided the home owners with a comprehensive turn-key installation.

The home owner says his main reason for going solar was that he feels it’s time to start cleaning things up environmentally. “I’m not an environmental alarmist by any means, but I think we should be more responsible,” he says.

He also took the time to mention that he was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the installation crew saying that he was blown away by the clean-up at the end of the job. “And customer service was exceptional all the way through,” he adds.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 51%
Number of Panels: 22
Size: 7.6kW
Annual Production: 8,210kWh
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"The entire Shift team was easy to work with throughout the sales process, during the installation and after the work was complete. I would highly recommend speaking to them if you are looking at solar for your home or business."
- Brett M.