7.41kW Solar Panel Installation in Nanaimo BC

Each solar panel installation is custom designed by our team of experts and takes into consideration details such as roof pitch, exposure to sunlight, and the budget of the customer. For this Nanaimo BC customer, the project designer needed to keep all panels for this 19 panel, 7.41kW system on one side of the house, which meant a mix of portrait and landscape layout in a way that was still aesthetically pleasing and captured the maximum amount of light in each day.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 67%
Number of Panels: 19
Size: 7.41kW
Annual Production: 8,672kWh
rooftop solar panel installation in Nanaimo BC
"We chose shift because you were prompt and thorough in preparing and a quote and recommending the right system for our house. You came to our site and answered every question we had. We chose to get solar because we just added air conditioning and a hot tub to our power load. The payback was better than we expected and the price the Shift Energy Group system was far cheaper than I expected. During the installation the installers answered more questions , showed me everything and were happy to include my recommendations on where and how to run wires in my house."
- Lee P.