14.88kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

Sometimes, when doing your part to help the environment, you make one conscious change and it triggers other changes that you didn’t necessarily see coming. This Victoria family was faced with just such a circumstance after investing in an electric vehicle and seeing a drastic rise in hydro costs. After contacting Shift, they discovered that by installing a 48 panel, 14.88kW solar system they could reduce those bills by over half! A win-win for both the family and the environment!

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 57%
Number of Panels: 48
Size: 14.88kW
Annual Production: 16,066kWh
Rooftop solar array in Victoria BC
"The change to solar seemed scary and daunting at first but the guys at Shift made the upgrade painless and exciting. We choose to go with Shift because of great word of mouth, the quality of their work I'd seen in the field, expertise, and of course competitive pricing. Our family decided to make the switch to solar because we purchased an electric car and were getting fed up with rising hydro costs. Our hydro bill has almost doubled in 10 years and we are sick and tired of being robbed by BC Hydro. The whole process was quick and seamless, we were only out of power for a couple hours. Tim did an excellent job of explaining the system to us and going over power generation estimates. The installation team were great too, nice guys and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend getting solar installed to anyone interested. My only regret is that we didn't make the switch sooner."
- Ricardo F.