Canada’s premier integrated solar roof product is here. Your roof is now solar powered.

Shift is pleased to announce the introduction of Roofit.Solar to Canada. We believe building integrated photovoltaics is the future and we are excited to begin commercial and individual residential installations now.

Roofit.Solar by Shift looks like a sleek black metal roof, but it’s quite far from ordinary. The 2-in-1 design integrates high output solar cells, with a lifetime grade roofing material. You can now have a roof that looks amazing and produces its own power. Power that can fully, or partially, offset your energy bills, saving you money, reducing grid dependence, and helping your community produce cleaner energy. Install a beautiful solar roof as easily as installing traditional metal roofing.

“We believe BIPV is the future of solar. Every new home constructed should include a means of power generation and storage.  We are proud to offer that solution in Canada with our Roofit.Solar product. We’ve tested it in our climate and are confident it is the right product for Canadians, which his why I installed it on my house! We are so excited to now be offering it to homeowners and building developers in BC and Nova Scotia.” says Colyn Strong, President of Shift.

About Roofit.Solar by Shift (