As of the year 2025, all new buildings in Victoria, BC will have to be Zero-Carbon.

5 years ahead of the provincial requirements, the City of Victoria just announced that as of 2025, all new buildings will have to be Zero-Carbon. This will take effect following the introduction of BC Building Code carbon pollution standards in December of this year. Greenhouse emissions from new builds are estimated to account for %7 of the total community emissions in Victoria, by making this move now it will allow Victoria to achieve their goal of an %80 city emissions drop by 2030. This also makes Victoria the first municipality in the province to initiate their plan. In a release the city states, “Buildings are one of four priority areas the city is working with the community to drive down emissions and build a prosperous, low carbon future. The other sectors are mobility, waste, and municipal operations.” The City of Victoria has a plan to reduce greenhouse gas and transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. The municipalities of Saanich and Central Saanich have also announced their intent to follow Victoria, as currently they are lagging on hitting their targets.