Service Station LED Lighting Retrofit

Shift Energy Group has been completing Service Station LED lighting retrofits for several years now. The consumption savings are dramatic. On average, we’ve reduce the entire station lighting consumption by 80%, here’s how:

Canopy Lighting
Driving down the street it’s hard to miss a service station that has undergone an LED retrofit. The new lighting is typically a crisper, whiter, light. It appears cleaner than the existing and put a “spotlight” on the station compared to a rival, non-retrofitted station. We normally replace 350W or 400W metal halide under canopy fixtures with 84W or 104W LEDs depending on design and layout. This represents a savings of up to 85% when factoring in the ballast consumption. The installed fixtures are rated to last over 20 years at an average of 12 hours per day and are warrantied for 10 years. These are great numbers but what most people don’t realize is the savings possible with signage. Backlit canopy signage has historically comprised of T12 High Output fluorescent fixtures. Most common are 3 rows of 8’ fixtures consuming almost 400 watts of power for every 8’ of fascia signage. Legislated from production years ago these lamps are no longer being manufactured and will eventually not be available for purchase. The expected life of the lamp is 12,000 hours or less than 3 years at an average of 12 hours per day. Compare that to module LEDs we’re installing as replacements; every 8’ of LEDs consume under 60 watts, a savings of over 85%. The modules have an expected life of 50,000 hours or over 11 years at an average of 12 hours per day and provide a brighter, cleaner light. No more service calls to your local electrician to bring a bucket truck to replace a burn-out lamp or ballast every month!

Remainder of Exterior lighting
We always recommend owners look at replacing the balance of their exterior lighting. This includes the wallpack lighting attached to most retail stores, site area lighting mounted on poles, as well as cove and soffit lighting illuminating the perimeter of canopy and retail areas. Lately we’re been installing wireless controls on site area fixtures to enable advanced scheduling after-hours. By doing this we’re able to time the area lighting to dim at closing to a level suitable for security purposes during the overnight hours.

Interior lighting also represents a great opportunity to save. Ceiling fixtures are typically linear fluorescent either suspended or fixed in t-bar, while most coolers are 5’ or 6’ T12 High Output. Replacing these with LEDs will not only save you on electricity but provide substantially better light. Ensure to install LEDs with a high CRI to provide an enhance visual representation of the retail goods sold. In summary, retrofitting service station lighting not only provides great electrical savings but specified properly can drive increase sales to your location.

Feel free to reach out to us for further information.