Shift Energy Group Awarded LED Lighting Contract With The Village of Masset

Shift Energy Group Inc announced today that it has received a contract from the Village of Masset to deliver a turn-key LED lighting upgrade to one of the Village’s recreation spaces.

The lighting upgrade will replace all existing high output metal halide fixtures with new LED technology. The lighting upgrade has been designed to double the existing light level while reducing consumption by over 50%. With the support of BC Hydro Power Smart, it is expected the project will pay for itself in only a few short years. The added light levels will support increased use by the Community members who enjoy using the space for various sports. Shift will partner with local electricians to perform the installation.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Village of Masset to provide an enhancement to an existing asset. It’s always great when you can use electricity savings to provide increased light levels that will support further use of spaces”, says Colyn Strong, Shift Energy Group Principal. “The fact that we can also partner with the local labour force ensures this is a win-win for everyone.”