How Grid-Tie Solar Works in Victoria, BC:

1. Solar Panels
The bright Victoria sun provides a source of clean, renewable energy that is captured by solar panels.
2. Inverters
The inverters convert solar energy from DC to AC energy to power your home's energy requirements.
3. BC Hydro Smart Meter
The smart meter measures your electricity usage and excess power generation, reducing your BC Hydro bill and earning you credits.
4. Solar System Monitoring
All of our solar systems come with lifetime system monitoring, giving you access to the real-time status of your system performance from your smartphone or computer.

Some benefits of solar power for Victoria, BC homeowners:

Seize your energy independence.
Gain Energy Independence
A solar installation on your home can generate cleaner energy and provide real savings on your electricity bills for over 25 years.
Get Credits on Your Hydro Bill For Excess Generation
BC Hydro allows you to earn credits on your bill through their Net Metering Program for all excess energy produced.
Achieve a High ROI
Compared to alternative safe investments earning you around 2%, investing in solar for your home can earn an annualized tax-free return as high as 6 to 10% over a 25-year timeframe.
Increase Your Homes Value
Studies have shown that adding solar to your home can increase your home's value by an amount that is equivalent to the cost of the solar system.
Contribute to a cleaner future
Contribute to a Cleaner Tomorrow
Solar is an easy way to help decrease your carbon footprint.

Actual BC Hydro Data From Our Victoria-area Clients

bc hydro solar screenshot
“Our experience with Shift was delightful”

Our experience with Shift was delightful. They managed to flawlessly perform a difficult installation on our tall house with a steep roof . And thanks to their mapping software and their ability to push the limits, they were the only ones who could make our high number of panels fit. All of this with constant smiles and friendliness.

– Bruno C., Victoria, BC

“I couldn’t be more pleased”

Great company to deal with. On time and courteous. Project came in on budget. My solar system in up and running, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Colyn and Tim kept me in the loop at all times so I always knew what was happening. If your considering solar power, Shift Energy Group is the way to go! Thanks guys!!!

– Rick B., Coombs, BC

Why Choose Shift for your Solar Panel Project?

Victoria's Top-Rated Solar Contractor.
We are BC's Top-Rated Solar Installer. See many fantastic Google & Facebook reviews our clients have left us.
We Guarantee Your Energy Savings.
Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your system will perform as we say it will, or we'll cover the difference.
Aesthetic Focused Installations.
We integrate solar into your home beautifully. With product selection and solar install crews that have high attention to detail.
Over 200 Solar Installations.
Our in-house installation team has designed and installed over 200 solar panel systems across Western Canada.
Over 10 Years in Business.
Not another fly-by-night solar company. We've been helping clients with their energy needs for over 10 years.
Highest Quality Product Selection.
We ensure our solar installations are specked with the best in industry equipment. All products we use are from top-tier brands in solar and are warrantied.
Warranty on Labour and Components.
If any problem arises during or after your solar installation, we’ll take care of you.
Competitive Pricing.
Get all of the assurances of having best-in-class warranties, guarantees, and install crews, all at a great price.
View some of our completed solar projects in Victoria, BC?

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The Cost of Solar in Victoria, BC

There are a lot of factors that make up the price of a solar panel system. No two systems are alike, and no two projects are the same cost. We have to look at the products used, your specific property orientation, your roof material, roof angle, and so on. We only use the premium products for our installs, so our pricing is based on using some of the highest quality parts in the industry.

Installing solar panels Victoria BC is a very safe and reliable investment. Enjoy getting a financial return starting on the first day of installation, and protect yourself against annual energy rate hikes.

Smaller home
systems (4-5 KW) $9,000 and range to $12,500
Average home
systems (7-10 KW) $15,000 and range to $22,500
Larger home systems
systems (12-18 KW) $24,000 and range to $40,500
Solar Panel System Financing. Get a payment plan and save with no cash down.

We make it simple to start enjoying the benefits of solar panels sooner rather than later. Apply for an easy monthly or biweekly payment plan, and go solar with no cash out of pocket. Get pre-approved in seconds.

What are some of our Victoria, BC solar installation clients saying about working with Shift?

We called several companies in the area and Shift Energy was the only company that responded with a well thought out plan to match our requirements. Their response was quick, very professional and cost effective. After setting up an installation schedule our 4.2 kw (14 panels) array was installed in a day. The electrical setup was completed over the next week due mostly to us installing a charging port for our Tesla with Shift’s electrician. Again a very professional installation. We really love our solar system. Especially when BC Hydro pays us for giving them power.

– Keith W.

We chose shift because you were prompt and thorough in preparing and a quote and recommending the right system for our house. You came to our site and answered every question we had. We chose to get solar because we just added air conditioning and a hot tub to our power load. The payback was better than we expected and the price the Shift Energy Group system was far cheaper than I expected. During the installation the installers answered more questions , showed me everything and were happy to include my recommendations on where and how to run wires in my house.

– Lee P.

Outstanding job! From initial planning to installation, the job couldn’t have been done better. The proposal was accurate, detailed and great value for money. The installation tram was truly exceptional. They came when promised and did the job quickly and perfectly. One other thing, everyone I dealt with was the nicest people to deal with … truly remarkable crew!

– Peter G.

Great service. Very competitive pricing, but the proof is in the performance. The solar system met its performance target for the first 12 months of operation.

– Ron K.

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The performance of our Solar Panels are warrantied for 25 years. All inverters and Micro-inverters also carry warranties that are extendable to 25 years. We also provide complete peace of mind to our clients by warrantying our workmanship to match the product warranties, to a maximum of 25 years. Additionally, we guarantee the energy production for every one of our solar power systems.

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