Village of Masset Community Centre upgrade

“The Roller Rink”, a popular community recreation centre in the village of Masset, was undergoing a number of upgrades when the municipality contracted Shift to assess the opportunity for, design, and deliver an LED lighting solution that would save them money on operating costs and provide a brighter, safer arena for residents.

The existing lighting in the arena was dated, inefficient and expensive to run and maintain. Not only that, but it also no longer provided adequate lighting for the venue’s activities. After assessing the savings opportunity and designing a new lighting layout, Shift was able to replace the existing 50 x 250W metal halide fixtures with 40 x 171W LED fixtures. These new fixtures were outfitted with a frosted lens to soften the light for sporting activities and a protective cage to protect against accidental strikes from objects.

We chose to upgrade this facility’s lighting with top-of-the-line Philips FBX fixtures that came complete with a 5 year warranty and are rated to last 20-plus years with little-to-no maintenance. The result? Dramatically decreased lighting consumption costs, improved lighting quality, and an almost complete elimination of maintenance costs going forward. Shift was also able to secure the client a BC Hydro incentive of almost $6,000 that further added to the financial return of the project.

Key Project Statistics
Annual Energy Savings: $4,230
Simple Payback: 7.5 years
20 Year ROI: 171%
KWh Saved Annually: 30,025