UHNBC Lighting Upgrade

Northern Health in Prince George BC was looking to upgrade their dated 400W metal halide lighting fixtures located in the parking lot of Their UHNBC location when they came across Shift. After hearing what the company had to offer, they were excited to see the project completed. From the initial assessment of the opportunity to the design of the lighting layout, product selection, government incentive management, and final installation, Shift handled every aspect, providing a comprehensive turn-key solution to the customer.

UHNBC’s existing parking lot lighting consisted of 400W metal halide fixtures mounted to square poles and the building had a number of 70-100W high-pressure sodium fixtures lighting the exterior of the building. These existing fixtures were dated  and inefficient so Shift replaced them with top-of-the-line LED alternatives. The 400W fixtures were replaced with new Arrlux/CREE 180W fixtures and the exterior wall-packs were replaced with 40W Osram Sylvania fixtures. These upgrades meant that the light levels were nearly doubled!

These LED solutions carry 10 and 5 year product warranties and are rated to last for 20 plus years with little-to-no maintenance. As a part of this project, Shift worked closely with BC Hydro to secure the client ~$12,500 in financial incentives to undertake this retrofit which allowed Northern Health to earn a very attractive return on investment while improving the lighting quality and providing a brighter, safer lot for staff, patients and visitors.

Key Project Statistics
Annual Energy Savings: $11,500+
Simple Payback: 5.5
10 Year ROI: 79%
KWh Saved Annually: 77,662