LED Lighting Upgrade For Leslie Forest Products

Leslie Forest Products is a prominent wood product manufacturer located in Delta, British Columbia. Shift Energy Group was tasked with designing an LED lighting solution that would save Leslie Forest Products on their Hydro bills and provide greatly improved light levels for improved safety conditions. We were able to provided an LED lighting solution for Leslie Forest Products that enhanced light levels, saved dramatically on energy consumption and eliminated maintenance costs.


Key Project Statistics
Operational savings: over $17,000 per year
Simple payback: 2.7 years
Internal rate of return (IRR): 26%
10-year ROI: 131%
BC Hydro incentive secured: $25,041
"Working with Shift Energy Group in the switch to LED lighting at our lumber mill was a great experience. They managed the entire project from start to finish including each detail. Moreover, the final product is an exceptional improvement and makes a major difference in the quality of light, the cost of our lighting bill and the overall efficiency of the lighting. We would definitely work with Shift again on any future projects."
- Maya M., Operations