Ivanhoe Cambridge

Ivanhoe Cambridge is the owner of Vancouver Island’s largest shopping centre, Woodgrove Centre in Nanaimo, BC. With over 750,000 sq/ft of leasable space, the mall has a very large parking lot area surrounding the entire plaza. The parking area was being lit with outdated 1000W high-pressure sodium fixtures mounted on 85’ poles. The existing lighting solution was costly to maintain, did not provide adequate light levels in some areas and was very inefficient. Shift replaced the sixty-seven 1000W high-pressure sodium fixtures with fifty-three 614W & 879W Visionaire LED lighting fixtures.

Ivanhoe was spending over $9,000 per year on maintenance of the parking lot lighting alone. The old and less reliable lighting had a short lifespan, making electrician call-outs and man-lift rentals a common occurrence. The new long lasting LED lighting solution will eliminate those maintenance costs going forward and are rated to last over 35 years.

The carefully selected and placed new LED lighting fixtures added a dramatic boost to lumen levels in the parking lot while reducing the total number of fixtures needed. This has offered many benefits, including enhanced safety levels and increased visibility from major thoroughfares.

In addition to the maintenance savings, there were material energy savings to be had by upgrading to LED lighting. Not only was Shift able to retrofit the lighting fixtures with more efficient LED alternatives, we were able to reduce the number of fixtures needed to effectively light the lot. This resulted in significant demand and consumption savings for the client.

Shift was able to secure the client a $35,000 incentive to undertake the project as a part of BC Hydro’s Power Smart Custom Incentive Program.

All products used were from top of the line brands in the lighting industry and came with 10-year warranties. Ultimately, the investment made in this project was a no-brainer for the client and will save them a projected $500,000+ over the lifetime of the project.

Key Project Statistics
Annual Operational Savings $27,000+
Simple Payback (years) 4.8
10 Year ROI 140%
KWh Saved Annually 120,779