Canadian Bavarian MillWorks

Canadian Bavarian is a sawmill in Chemainus, BC specializing in high-end custom millwork, manufactured lumber and architectural products. To keep up with high growth, they aggressively expanded operations and existing facilities. As a result, Hydro costs increased significantly and management was looking for ways to keep escalating hydro costs to a minimum. One of the savings opportunities Shift identified was retrofitting their existing T8 fluorescent tubes and 150W to 400W metal halide high-bay facility lighting with long lasting LED lighting technology.

Shift designed a new high efficiency LED lighting system comprised of top of the line Philips and Osram Sylvania fixtures that contributed to a significant savings in maintenance, demand charges and energy bills. The fixtures came complete with occupancy sensors to help further reduce unnecessary energy consumption and 5 to 10 year product warranties. The LED solution is rated to last 20+ years and also enhanced the light levels exceeding Work Safe BC standards. Shift was also able to secure the client a BC Hydro incentive of over $18,000 to undertake this energy conservation project.

Key Project Statistics
Annual Operational Savings $11,000+
Simple Payback (years) 3
10 Year ROI 123%
KWh Saved Annually 93,206