9.94kW Garage Roof Solar Panel Installation on home in Cedar BC

Our client approached us with a goal of lowering their electrical consumption in an already efficient home. After speaking with the solar team at Shift they agreed upon a 28 panel, 9.94kW system that will allow for a significant reduction in energy costs, provide peace of mind, and add value to the property. These newly added panels, along with a large garden and fruit trees, mean that almost all solar resource at this location is being taken advantage of.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 54%
Number of Panels: 28
Size: 9.94 kW
Annual Production: 11,058 kWh
garage rooftop solar panel installation Nanaimo BC
"You will get professional advice, a customized proposal, and a competitive price. They listened to what our goals were, and didn't try to sell me something I didn't want. Professional, courteous and great communication made sure our 10kW metal roof install went as planned. Job was on time and on budget. I'm still getting follow up emails from the guys to make sure everything is right. Highly recommend."
- Ian L.