8kW Solar Panel Installation Victoria BC

Our clients were in a bit of a conundrum – they mistakenly invested in a solar provider who left the solar equipment in their garage rather than on their roof. After consulting several local solar providers, they were left thinking they had purchased too many panels than could fit on their steep roof.

Our friends at Solar Collective made the referral and asked us our opinion. Using our advanced solar design software, we confirmed that we could make it work. The result? All 26 panels installed, and their 8kW system is now powering the customer’s home, electric vehicle, and then some!

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: More than 130%
Number of Panels: 26 x 305W from Trina Solar
Size: 8kW
Annual Production: 9,753 kWh
rooftop solar panel installation victoria bc
"Our experience with Shift was delightful. They managed to flawlessly perform a difficult installation on our tall house with a steep roof . And thanks to their mapping software and their ability to push the limits, they were the only ones who could make our high number of panels fit. All of this with constant smiles and friendliness."
- Erica and Bruno