8.3kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

These Victoria BC home owners decided to give Shift a call when they saw us installing a system at a neighbour’s place down the street. At the time their home was under construction and they were exploring a variety of alternative energy options, such as geo thermal.

With a family of six, they were definitely thinking of ways to reduce their monthly energy bills, but the decision to go with a 28 panel, 8.3kW solar system was also an environmentally conscious one. “One of our key drivers was that we were constructing a new home and we wanted to make it a modern home; more energy efficient,” the home owner told us.

They have since had an EV Charging Station installed in their garage as they plan on purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future as another way to lower their carbon footprint.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 72%
Number of Panels: 28
Size: 8.3kW
Annual Production: 8,609kWh
rooftop solar panel installation Victoria BC
"Great team of professionals and an investment well worth it! Not to mention a great kick into the BC Hydro power bill ;)"
- Steve B.