8.2kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

These Victoria residents had their solar system installed in September of 2019 and within the first two months of it being online they saw a credit on their electricity bill. But that wasn’t the main reasoning behind their choice to go solar. For them the choice was an environmental one. “We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint.”

They had already purchased an electric vehicle, so installing a 24 panel, 8.2kW solar system on their home seemed like the next logical step. “We’ve had many people ask us if there was a grant available,” says the homeowner, “but we tell them that even though there wasn’t, sometimes you have to do something because it’s the right thing to do.”

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 35%
Number of Panels: 24
Size: 8.2kW
Annual Production: 8,967kWh
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"Great service all the way around! From initial contact, through quote and getting panels installed."
- Kathie W.