8.17kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

The location of this Victoria home was perfect for taking advantage of the Capital City’s beautiful summer days, which, for the homeowner, meant realizing his goal of selling his gas powered vehicles and purchasing electric. He says that saving money on his electricity bill was important in terms of going solar, but it was only half of the equation. “We were motivated by the environment,” he says, “and moving away from fossil fuels.”

With these requirements in mind, Shift designed, installed and commissioned a 22 panel, 8.17kW system that now provides the home owner with a 24 per cent energy offset which translates to peace of mind for years to come, both economically and environmentally.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 24%
Number of Panels: 22
Size: 8.17kW
Annual Production: 8,724kWh
rooftop solar panel installation Victoria BC
"Shift energy team was friendly and easy to work with. Good communication and installation was surprisingly fast with minimal disruption, with great follow up to make sure everything is working well. We now have two electric vehicles and think we installed enough solar to displace about 4000 litres of gasoline annually."
- Rudi C.