7.92kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

All Shift solar installations come with an online monitoring system, allowing customers to track the system’s energy production in real time and identify problems as they occur. Sometimes one or two snags after installation mean extra customer support is required once the system is installed, as was the case with this Victoria resident. After installing this 22 panel, 7.92kW system in the spring of 2019 the system had a few technical glitches to work out.

“There was a problem with [monitoring] one of the units on the roof,” says the customer. “But Shift was on top of it and fixed it right away.”

At Shift, we take pride in our customer service policies; customer care extends well beyond the installation of any solar system. We want to ensure that every system is running as it should be and that every customer is comfortable with navigating the online monitoring technology.

From system design to installation to commissioning, Shift delivers quality, turn-key solar solutions to each and every customer, no matter the size of the system being installed. Give us a call and let us show you why we are the highest rated solar installation company in British Columbia.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 45%
Number of Panels: 22
Size: 7.92kW
Annual Production: 9,682kWh
rooftop solar installation Victoria BC
"Shift was very prompt in providing a quote given some basics about our electricity consumption. They gave us some options and did not oversell. Installation of an 8kw system occurred when promised and was done efficiently and professionally. There was a small issue installing the electronic device which monitors the panels but it was resolved. So far, over 4 months later, there is a huge reduction in the hydro consumption and bill. This equates to a "return" or annual saving of about 6% of the capital cost. Great crew to work with and are highly recommended."
- Alex B.