7.2kW Solar Panel Installation in Saanichton BC

This Saanichton BC customer says he has been promoting the idea of solar energy for years.

In 2019 he decided to put his money where his mouth is and have Shift install a 20 panel, 7.2kW solar system, and he says he couldn’t be happier with the results. “The sun provides enough energy to the earth in one hour to power all the electrical stations on the planet for a year, so it’s stupid not to utilize it, really,” he says.

In the year since the installation of his solar system he has seen a 6.5 per cent return on his investment, which he says is far better than his capital was generating sitting in the bank.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 60%
Number of Panels: 20
Size: 7.2kW
Annual Production: 8,188kWh
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"Our solar panel system has been operating for a year. The panels produce 7kW of DC power and the inverter produces 5kW of AC power. The panels are facing S.E. and there is a group of tall Douglas Fir trees that shade it in the early morning, so it is not an ideal system. Despite this it produced a yearly total of 8,200 kWh of energy, which was about 50% of the total electricity we used and saved us $1148 of our electricity bill, or a return of 6.5% on the capital cost, which was much better than the 1.2% the money was getting in the bank. We have an electric vehicle (EV), a Chevy Bolt. The above includes charging the EV, so for comparison it is equivalent to the annual electricity plus gasoline bills if you own an internal combustion engine (ICE) car. Our EV uses 12kWh/100km in the summer, so it costs us less than $1.7/100km. For comparison an ICE car of the same size uses about 8L/100km which costs over $8/100km. I am very happy with the system, my only regret is that I did not get a bigger one."
- Paul R.