6.4kW Solar Panel Installation in Nanaimo BC

This Nanaimo BC resident was curious about the benefits of going solar and reached out to Shift to learn more. After consulting with the sales and design team, he decided to go ahead with the installation of a 16 panel system, taking advantage of the sun exposure garnered by his lakefront home.

He has since purchased an electric vehicle and is pleased with the energy offset that his 6.4kW solar system provides when it comes to charging the car as well as reducing the overall energy costs of his home.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 21%
Number of Panels: 16
Size: 6.4kW
Annual Production: 6,864kWh
rooftop solar panel installation Nanaimo BC
"These guys did a magnificent job on my home on Long Lake in Nanaimo BC. Colyn and Tim are very knowledgeable and the installation was quick and easy. Highly recommend if you are considering solar. Its amazing when you get a hydro bill and they owe YOU money."
- Mark W.