50.37kW Solar Panel Installation for Masset School complete with battery backup

Shift Energy Group won an RFP by SD50 to design, supply, and install a 50kW solar array installation complete with battery storage on one of their schools located in the Village of Masset on Haida Gwaii.

Haida Gwaii is a non-integrated area for BC Hydro and much of the electricity on the island is provided via large diesel generators. Going solar not only meant offsetting high BC Hydro costs, but also reducing the school’s reliance on high GHG emitting diesel power production.

The solution we provided was a 146 panel solar system paired with an Eguana LG Chem battery storage system. The solar array produces over 40,000 kWh of power every year while the battery storage backs up essential loads seamlessly for up to one week without power. This set-up allows the school to generate approximately 20 per cent of their energy needs exclusively from solar.

Shift handled this project in its entirety, from assessing the opportunity and designing the solar and battery systems, to procuring the most appropriate mix of products and, finally, installation. Additionally, Shift handled the required complex BC Hydro net metering application and all interconnection compliance requirements.

Another important aspect of this project was the use of local labour where applicable. In an attempt to keep as much of the economic benefit of this project within the local economy of the village of Masset, Shift teamed up with local talent to assist on both the site inspection and the labour components.

This school will now enjoy over 40 years of clean energy production and, thanks to the battery backups, essential loads will never go without power again. The solar system came complete with a 25-year performance guarantee and Shift warrantied the labour component for 5 years.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 36%
Number of Panels: 144
Size: 50.37kW
Annual Production: 40,895kWh
flat roof solar panel installation for remote BC school