4.44kW Solar Panel Installation in Sooke BC

This Sooke BC resident says she decided to have Shift install her 12 panel, 4.44kW solar system mainly to reduce her energy costs. “But I also felt that it was good for the environment,” she told us.

After her solar installation, she purchased an electric scooter so that she would not have to drive her gas powered vehicle as much, and she had a new heat system installed.

She’s now focussed on saving money and says that though she didn’t see a huge difference in her energy bill during the winter months, as soon as spring came along and the sun started shining, she received the lowest bill she’s seen in a long time.

“And that made me very happy.”

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 56%
Number of Panels: 12
Size: 4.44kW
Annual Production: 5,292kWh
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"From the first time I met Tim, I was very impressed with the professional service! I would highly recommend Shift Energy Group to anyone interested in going solar."
- Yvonne C.