23.4kW Solar Panel Installation in Parksville BC

These customers were looking for ways to reduce their utility bills for both their home and business, so in 2019 they turned to Shift for a solution. The result was the installation of a 64 panel, 23.4kW system which allows for an energy offset of 70 per cent.

The home owner says that there were a few glitches that had to be ironed out after the install, and that he would have liked to have taken advantage of customer support to help him get familiar with his new solar system, but his busy work schedule made creating the time to do so quite difficult. With plans to expand the system and install a backup powerwall, it seems those glitches are now a distant memory.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 70%
Number of Panels: 64
Size: 23.4kW
Annual Production: 23,418kWh
rooftop solar array in Parksville BC