17.6kW Solar Panel Installation in Victoria BC

With a background in environmentalism, this Victoria based homeowner says that his primary motivation for going solar was the fact that it would allow him to reduce his energy consumption and thus reduce his draw on our collective energy requirements. However, environmental concerns were not the only factor as he also wanted to take advantage of the fact that in BC solar panels and many solar system components are PST exempt.

“There’s lots of reasons (to go solar), really,” he says. And since his system was installed in the fall of 2019 he is anticipating his installation one year anniversary in 2020 and the 100 per cent energy offset his 46 panel, 17.6kW system was designed to provide.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 100%
Number of Panels: 46
Size: 17.6kW
Annual Production: 20,259kWh
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"Shift installed a 6,000+ watt land based system on my residential property in Saanich. Excellent workmanship with an efficient crew. Great electrician. Super monitor system. I would highly recommend this company."
- Donald B.