13kW Solar Panel Installation in Ladysmith BC

For this Ladysmith customer, the decision to go solar was plain and simple, he did not want to pay a hydro bill. So when Shift showed him that installing a 36 panel, 13kW system could generate 12,250kWh of electricity annually, he immediately said yes to the project.

Having a basement suite, an RV pad and a shop all meant that over the years he has watched his electricity bill creep higher and higher. “It was an equity factor, really,” he says. He figures that investing in solar has raised the value of his home by approximately the same amount, and between that and reducing his monthly electricity bill, he is calling it a win-win situation.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 52%
Number of Panels: 36
Size: 13kW
Annual Production: 12,250kWh
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"Tim, Richard and all the guys were top notch. I've got no complaints."
- Gil B.