11.84kW Solar Installation in Qualicum Beach BC

Living in Qualicum beach means that this customer has to deal with yearly, short-term power outages during the winter months, so he wanted to make sure he could remain self-sufficient, especially when the southeast gales start blowing up the Georgia Strait.

“I was also intrigued with the technology,” he says. “I wanted to know more and once I learned what it was all about I decided to go with it.”

The reason the technology was so interesting, he says, is because it contributes to helping the environment.

“I try to be exceptionally mindful and respectful (of the environment),” he says, “and not do anything to further the destruction of the planet.”

Since his 32 panel, 11.84kW solar system was installed last year, he says it has exceeded his expectations. “It generates a remarkable amount of power!”

He was worried about the weight on his roof, especially during the last snowfall, but says that worry was dispelled when he noticed that the solar panels heated up in the sunshine and melted the snow within hours.

Key Project Statistics
Energy Offset: 74%
Number of Panels: 32
Size: 11.84kW
Annual Production: 13,845kWh
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