20.38kW Solar & Tesla Powerwall Installation in Mission, BC

This project was designed, installed, and commissioned in Dec 2021, for a home in Mission, BC. The customers were seeking to offset their energy costs, so Shift designed a 43-panel, 20.38kW system to allow for a significant reduction in energy costs, provide peace of mind, and add value to the property. Additionally, Shift installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 with a gateway to ensure energy independence during an outage.

Shift delivers top-quality, turn-key solar solutions to every customer, which means we handle every aspect, from system design to installation and commissioning. Please give us a call, and let us demonstrate why we are one of the highest-rated solar installation companies in Canada.

Key Project Statistics
Number of Panels: 43
Size: 20.38kW
Annual Production: 16,899 kWh