Thinking of going solar?

Shift offers many benefits to local governments.

1. Better Budgeting
Help taxpayers save money by reducing energy & operating costs and re-invest those savings elsewhere in your budget for better use.
2. Community Development
Install solar panels on buildings to reduce greenhouse gases and improve the quality of life in your community.
3. More Resiliency
Generate power and store it by pairing solar panels with energy storage so you don’t have to rely on diesel generators during an emergency.
We make it easier than ever to conserve electricity.

Shift Energy Group is partnering with governments across Canada looking to adopt solar technology and install energy storage solutions to achieve sustainability initiatives. We streamline the process of design, procurement and installation, managing everything from conception to commissioning and everything in between. With vast experience in energy conservation and municipal budgeting, we help governments save money, achieve environmental goals and develop healthier, more sustainable communities.

Recently Completed Projects

Would you like to see how our completed projects turn out? Feel free to browse via the map below. You can hover on any of the plotted locations, and click in to view each projects full details including cost-saving stats.