Types of Charging Stations

Shift Energy Group is Canada’s trusted partner in delivering turn-key installations of electric vehicle charging stations and a Tesla EV charging systems certified installer.

Level 1

No electrical updates require. Offers slow and steady overnight charging for electrical vehicles.

Level 2

Ideal for parkades, surface lots or curbsides, these charging stations require minimal electric work and provide about 50kms of range per hour of charging.  

Level 3

Commonly known as DC Fast Charge, these charging stations provide fast top ups for long distance traveling and can receive up to an 80% charge in 20 minutes.

Why provide electric vehicle charging stations in your city?

Clean Technology
Encourage adoption of cleaner transportation. when cities provide more charging stations, people are more inclined to purchase cleaner vehicles.
Future Proof
Future proof your public infrastructure. electric vehicles are the future of transportation.
Contribute to a cleaner future
Contribute to sustainability goals. help meet emissions and sustainability targets by helping people live low carbon lifestyles.
Increase Business
Help drive business to local retail area. An estimated 92% of EV drivers spend money at nearby retailers while they charge.
EV Savings
Cut costs with EV fleet adoption. cut operating expenses by switching municipal fleets to EV, say goodbye to fuel bills.

EV charging stations can be installed at:

Public parks
Recreation centres
City hall
Core shopping areas
Fleet parking

Interested in EV charging stations?

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