Types of Charging Stations

Shift Energy Group is Canada’s trusted partner in delivering turn-key installations of electric vehicle charging stations and a Tesla EV charging systems certified installer.

Level 1

Charge your vehicle overnight using your home’s standard 120-volt outlet. Level 1 EV chargers require no electrical updates, making the overall cost very low.

Level 2

A faster charging option, Level 2 EV charging stations require minimal electric work and provide about 50kms of range per hour of charging. It uses a dedicated 240-volt household electrical outlet (the same used by your dryer or oven) and can be installed outside your home or in your garage.

Why Should You Offer EV Charging Stations?

Attract more customers
Electric vehicle sales are increasing by ~30% every year. Every major car manufacturer already offers EVs or plans to introduce them. Be ready for them.
Increase customer value:
Drivers of electric vehicles have an income that is an estimated 2 times than the national average. Give them a place to charge, they’ll shop longer and be more likely to shop at your location more frequently.
Contribute to a cleaner future
Be seen as a leader in sustainability
Consumers are more conscious than ever before. Signal to consumers, and potential partners, that you are a leader in the green movement.

Applications for EV Charging Stations

New Construction
Condos & Apartments
Commercial Real Estate
Parking Lots & Garages

Why choose Shift for your EV Charging needs?

  • EV specialist journeymen electricians on staff
  • Experience installing commercial scale charging stations
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction
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Shift Energy Group can seamlessly integrate the EV charging process into your business to offer your staff and customers a more convenient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to power their electric car.

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