Countdown Begins: Canada’s Greener Homes Program Rebate Set to Expire Within Two Weeks

With just two weeks left until the expiration of Canada’s Greener Homes Program rebate, homeowners across the country are urged to act swiftly to take advantage of this opportunity. Launched to promote energy efficiency and combat climate change, the program offers financial incentives for homeowners to make eco-friendly upgrades to their residences.

The Greener Homes Program, introduced by the federal government, provides grants of up to $5,000 for homeowners to conduct energy audits and implement recommended improvements, such as better insulation, upgraded windows, Solar and more efficient heating systems. These upgrades not only reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the press release, there will be a new expanded version of the rebate targeting low to medium-income families in Canada. We will keep you updated as we learn more about what that looks like. With the expiration date looming, now is the time for homeowners to take action if they wish to benefit from this initiative.

CBC Article