The easiest way to add $25,000 to your bottom line in 2017

Looking to increase your company’s bottom line this year?

You can do one of two things, increase revenue or cut overhead. One of the easiest way to cut a significant amount off your overhead is to reduce your energy consumption by investing in LED Lighting.

Some of our clients have experienced a 10-year ROI of as much as 269% by upgrading their existing lighting to high-efficiency LED; which is tough to beat, no matter which industry you work in. So instead of pounding the pavement and driving yourself crazy to boost your bottom line, consider switching your inefficient, outdated lighting systems out for LED Lighting alternatives. It’s the simplest way to add to your bottom line and champion environmental stewardship.

About LED Lighting Upgrades

If you run a company, you probably know all too well how high energy costs can get. Here at Shift Energy Group, we recently worked with a wood processing company whose monthly energy bills had gotten out of control. The company’s buildings were illuminated with outdated lighting technologies including 400W, 250W, and 175W metal halides lights and various fluorescent tubes (view full case study here: LED Lighting Upgrade: Franklin Forest).

The company contracted Shift to help decrease their hydro bills by retrofitting the existing lighting system. The upgrade eliminated the outdated fixtures and replaced them with high-efficiency LEDs. In addition, occupancy sensors and daylight controls were installed to further augment energy savings. In the first year, the company saved approximately $25,000 in operational costs and enjoyed an internal rate of return of 49% on the project. Also, Shift managed to secure this client a BC hydro incentive of $26,522 and significantly improved the quality of light throughout their buildings – improving safety for workers. Perhaps the best part about the project was the client paid nothing out-of-pocket. The entire cost of the LED retrofit was financed at no upfront cost and the monthly savings are greater than the cost of financing – resulting in immediate positive cashflow for the client.

How LED Lighting Can Save You Money

LED lighting upgrades are one of those investments where you can have your cake and eat it too.

In recent years, lighting technology has advanced to a point where older systems (metal halide, high-pressure sodium, fluorescent and incandescent) are dramatically less efficient and more expensive than newer LED technologies. Additionally, the cost of LED fixtures has been pushed down significantly as the cost of electricity continues to rise.

LED upgrades are one of the most effective, highest ROI investments you can make today that not only save you money, but also improve the lighting quality, improve safety and eliminate the costs and headaches associated with the maintenance of older fixtures.

Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line with Smarter LED Lighting

If you’ve been considering LED lighting retrofits, the time to jump in is now. Not only do these highly efficient systems reduce energy consumption, but they also allow you to further enhance your energy savings with the use of advanced daylight and occupancy sensor controls. There’s no doubt about the fact that LED lighting is a great investment, and that their accessibility and customization options make them a good fit for companies in virtually all industries.

Where else can you get a return on investment of 269%?